Wine Tasting Fundraiser Event in Chino


Amigos Latino Americanos De Las Hermanas Samaritanas is holding a Wine Tasting Fundraiser this upcoming Saturday night, October 13th.  To quote once more,  Fundi2 loves the cause so much and has written about before – you can link here to read about it.  The cause is to help the less fortunate and elderly in Molina, Chile who seek help from Madre Irene.

Amigos Latino Americanos De Las Hermanas Samaritanas (ALADLHS)  is a new entity that is composed of 20 members who come from different Latin American nations, such as Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Chile. The entity’s goal is to raise funds for El Hogar del Buen Samaritano en Molina. This home in Chile was founded more than 30 years ago by Madre Irene. Presently, this Wine Tasting Fundraiser in Chino is ALADLHS’ first fundraiser event and more specifically it is to gather funds for El Hogar del Buen Samaritano en Molina, Chile. A point to be made since El Hogar del Buen Samaritano has also established new homes in Iquique, Chile and in the countries of Columbia and Spain. With current plans to expand to Puebla, Mexico.


Wine Tasting Fundraiser in Chino

on Saturday October 13, 2012 from 7-9pm

at Topo’s Restaurant & Cantina

12598 CENTRAL AVE # 116
CHINO, CA 91710


Donation of $10.00 admission includes 2 hours of wine tasting in which the wines presented will be principally from Chile, Argentina and California and tasty appetizers. During the wine tasting there will be a live classical guitar performance. After the 7-9 wine tasting session has ended, the party will continue because there is a lineup of “volunteer” musical performances which includes a cumbia band called “Cumbia Bella”, 2 artists that will sing Mexican Rancheras and yet an all male band who’ll play a mix of rock en español and cumbia.

For those who would like to enjoy Topo’s kitchen menu at a discount, Topo offers a deal of $8.99 all you can eat buffet.


For more information contact:  Enzo Maldonado    (818)913-5300


Fundi2, also would like  to take a moment to make a clear distinction that this fundraiser event is exclusively and only organized by the group, Amigos Latino Americanos De Las Hermanas Samaritanas. There are not any other groups or entities affiliated or involved in this particular wine tasting fundraiser event of October the 13th.

Since this event is not exclusively Chilean related, Fundi2 would like to introduce the Chilean link of this event to the readers.

His name is Enzo Maldonado. An immigrant to the USA since 1985, who has worked for the past 27 years as a Lab Technician at USC. Enzo also works as a sales representative for Mercado Latino, Inc., where he sells Chilean wine and pisco. His extra curricular activities include being Vice President (2012/2013) of El Club de Huasos Chile-USA  , the Chilean member of Amigos Latino Americanos De Las Hermanas Samaritanas and a longtime volunteer at Sacred Heart High School of Lincoln Heights.












Cell: (818) 913-5300

Below in his words is a brief biography.

Enzo Maldonado, nace en Santiago, Chile (1959). Estudie turismo y luego me decide ha viajar ha EEUU en 1984. Desde entonces, trabajo en USC en el laboratorio.  Me dedico tambien ha vender vinos y pisco chilenos: (que me lleva a creer que) Cada vez que yo vendo una botella aca – alguin tiene trabajo en Chile.

Siempre promoviendo los productos y cultura chilena.


Enzo Maldonado, I was born in Santiago, Chile (1959). I Studied tourism and then decided, in 1984  to travel to the U.S.   Since then, I work at USC in the lab.  I also work selling Chilean wines and pisco: (which leads me to believe that) Everytime, I sell one bottle here – someone in Chile has work.

Always promoting products and Chilean culture.




Below is the invitation in Spanish directly from the Facebook page of one of the member’s (Ranchera Soy) of the Amigos Latino Americanos De Las Hermanas Samaritanas:


Lo que se recaude de Wine Tasting es para ayudar a las hermanas samaritanas, que tienen su congregacion en Chile ademas de otros dos paises.

Que son Mexico y Colombia ellas se encargan en cuidar a los viejitos que son abandonados por su familia, o que tienen enfermedades terminarle y cual los cuidan para que tengan una muerte menos dolorosa.

Las Hermanas Samaritanas no son ayudadas por los gobiernos, sobreviven por donaciones que instituciones les aportan como privados y cuales hacen eventos para poderles recaudarles lo mas que se pueda.

Los invito que participen y aporten un poco para ayudarles a Las Hermanas.

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