VLT Survey Telescope (VST)

Chile is now home to a new powerful VLT Survey Telescope (VST). The VST is a 2.6m telescope with an impressive camera. The camera, OmegaCAM, is able to take pictures at 268 megapixels! The telescope is designed to take these images at visible light and has been placed at the Paranal Observatory in the Chilean Atacama desert.

During the next 5 years, VST will be conducting 3 surveys of the southern sky (KIDS, VST ATLAS & VPHAS+). These surveys will focus on dark energy, dark matter, galaxy evolution, galaxy structure, star formation and also possibly finding new galaxy clusters.

Read the full article of the VST at space.com

Swan Nebula is in the center of the Milky Way and specifically in the constellation Sagittarius.

Omega Centari is one of the largest globular cluster of stars and the VST was able to capture about 300,000 stars in the picture.

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