Transnational Identity

Fundi2 Collage of a few 2011-2012 postings represents:
The old and native – indigenous roots,
The new and introduced – Spanish/religious
The current and contemporary– graffiti/art form

Today, May 9, 2012 marks Fundi2’s one year anniversary of virtual existence. Fundi2 takes great pride in our Chilean past whether it be the old (its indigenous/native roots) or the new (what was introduced with the it’s different waves of immigrants) and the current (in its many forms, such as graffiti art, urban living, recreation and thinking ) while also looking toward the future….the reality of our transnational existence, identity and practices.

“Transnationalism refers to the phenomenon of immigrants maintaining connections to their country of origin and using a dual frame of reference to evaluate their experiences and outcomes in the country in which they have settled.” How does transnationalism matter in the identities among ourselves? This has been a great catalyst to the existence of Fundi2. Because transnationalism, transnational space includes a sense of belonging back to the homeland – a connection usually via memory, nostalgia or imagination. We are who we are, within both national contexts – yet its our “hereditary” family ties to Chile that we want to maintain “alive” for our future generations. Mainly because our everyday existence is no longer there, in Chile, and as time goes by each following generation is more isolated from our “roots”.

A thread that connects transnational spaces’ connections and virtual space’s is the theme of processes. Which is only possible within the context-passage of time. During this one year anniversary mark, we have included the above visual collage for the reason that it represents the process of “difundiendo” (spreading Chileaness) within the passage of time. One of the original reasons we opted within the root word of Fundir, eventually deciding on the word Fundido – was because it represents  something that is processed, fused, melted together. Fundi2 – para los que tenemos dos mundos, dos culturas, dos raices, dos identidads.  This idea of process also extends to our newfoundland as well, in the sense of what we bring here for the tomorrow.

Since the above question, “How does transnationalism matter in the identities among ourselves?”, has been the starting point for Fundi2. It is a good moment to share and reflect on how Fundi2 came about.  Here at Fundi2 we are a combination of children of first generation immigrants. A combination of myself being the first immigrant generation and my youngest sibling who was born in the country that our family migrated to, the newfoundland of the United States. I find myself in my late 40’s and my brother in his mid 30’s two different generational representations. He is fast forward and modern and myself, old school. I still believe in phone calls, stopping by a friend’s house to visit in person – a practice brought to us by our parent’s example.

This one year anniversary mark will end with personal journal entries from Luzseeds of Fundi2 (it is a “virtual voyeur visit” of a personal kind).

Thursday, September 2, 2010
As I hear, listen to my parents play music from the homeland- Chile – and I get a sense of memories – my heritage and yet I wonder if all these ties will be lost with the grandchildren?

They did not grow up with this music or its quiet teachings – idiosyncrasies – that one absorbs by simply understanding Spanish the language.

I wonder which one of all of them will go back home? And feel some type of identification?

And yet (on a separate level) I’m constantly told by my many “true authentic Chilean” friends and others that share this  mentality – that I am not Chilean……

Heritage feelings, ties to the homeland identity (ties to one’s past, background – linkage to one’s heritage) breakdown occurs when there is no sense of roots in that heritage.

Wednesday,  September 15, 2010

I awoke this morning to the following idea – based on the fact that I don’t have much day to day interaction with the kids anymore and my strong desire for them to have some ties to their past – linkage to their heritage –
I cannot feel more than the feelings of belonging/linkages to their heritage are gong to get lost.

IDEA IS: to have an open forum binder where I can insert sheets, articles, information, writings, simple – that I run into and make an impact on me and spell it out to them WHY –and they can read and write their reactions…..

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It is now, May 8, 2012 as I review files and notes and see that this above idea – ended up being the blog !!! Which was officially launched on May 9, 2011 – – with Tapia’s effort, influence, direction and action.

One thought on “Transnational Identity

  1. David…Luz…Infinitas gracias por sus articulos…siempre aprendemos algo..ademas que tocan temas unicos..interesantes muy importantes para que nuestros hijos conozcan un poco de nuestras raices….Ademas Felicidades ya cumplieron el 1er. Anno y les aseguro seran muchos primeramente Dios…Un saludo carinnoso a cada uno y muchas gracias por su apoyo al Club de Huasos Chile-Usa…una institucion sin fines de lucro y con evidencias comprobables de nuestro pequenno aporte a las Hermanas del Buen Samaritano en Molina.VII Region y a la Teleton..ademas de pequenas contribuciones a compatriotas que han solicitado nuestra ayuda..Gracias por todo..Ma. Antonieta Rojas de Alvarez. Pro Tesorera Club de Huasos Chile Usa.

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