Temporary Valparaiso

Vincent Moon, a french independent filmmaker originally visited Valparaiso in 2000 and fell in love with the city. Vincent re-visited Chile in 2011 to film Temporary Valparaiso. Valparaiso is part of his current project called Petites Planetes in which he is traveling around the globe and capturing images and sounds that identify a place. Moon is known for working with music videos, indie rock, experimental films and documentaries. Moon gathered several artists from the new Chilean folk music scene and wanted to showcase the city through their music. There is also a touching tribute to Chilean great – Violeta Parra in the last scene that is magical.

Temporary Valparaiso is slightly over an hour long, however it can be broken down into 5 parts which might be easier for some whom don’t have a complete hour to sit down and watch.

Part 1  Camila Moreno

Part 2  Pascuala Ilabaca

Part 3  Manuel Garcia & Gepe

Part 4  Chinoy / Angelo Escobar / Kaskivano

Part 5 Final

Here is a link to Moon’s Petite Planetes – Valparai­so

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