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Goes to show that there are many ways to qualify for an award…even though they did not actually win an alliance match at the Los Angeles Regional Competition on March 22, 2014 – FRC  Team 2576 Corazon de Chileno did qualify and won one of the most coveted and prestigious of all FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition awards:  The Chairman’s Award.  Additional Chilean good news in this world of science and technology involving youths of all nations, is that newcomer  Chilean FRC Team 4966, Condor Force,  also won, they were awarded the Rookie Inspiration Award at this Los Angeles Regional competition.

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition in short, is abbreviated to FRC.

FRC lists the reason for the existence of this prize, The Chairman’s Award as quoted: “It was created to keep the central focus of FRC on the ultimate goal of transforming the culture in ways that will inspire greater levels of respect and honor for science and technology, as well as encouraging more of today’s youth to become scientists, engineers, and technologists”.

Through a ten minute 2-part interview in front of a panel of judges, which consisted of presenting the below winning video and live interview of up to five minutes of questions and answers led by the panel of judges. Actively participating and allowed to attend the live interview, are no more than three (3) team members, of which one (1) may be an adult mentor. Only student (non-mentor) team members are allowed to present information or answer questions from the judges.  The one (1) adult mentor from the team who may attend may observe and later provide feedback to the team, but the mentor is not allowed to provide any assistance during the interview itself.  If the mentor provides any assistance during the interview, the team will be downgraded.

In order to earn and win the Chairman’s Award, FRC Team 2576, Corazon de Chileno had to show in the live interview and/or in  the below winning video that for a sustained period of time (within the past two to five years AND in this current season) : (1) The team’s impact upon their team members and community; (2) The team’s innovative or creative method to spread the FIRST message, (3) Examples of how the team members act as role models and inspire other FIRST team members to emulate; (4) The team’s initiatives to help start or form other FRC teams; (5) Team’s initiatives on assisting other FIRST teams (including Jr. FLL, FLL, FTC & FRC) with progressing through the FIRST program; (6)  Describe how your team works with other FIRST teams to serve as mentors to younger or less experienced FIRST teams (includes Jr. FLL, FLL, FTC & FRC teams); (7) Describe your Corporate/University Sponsors; (8)  Describe the strength of your partnership with your sponsors with special emphasis on the 2013/2014 year and the preceding two to five years; (10)  Describe how your team would explain what FIRST is to someone who has never heard of it

Corazon de Chileno video entry that contributed to them winning the Chairman’s Award:


Among the reasons why FRC  Team 2575, Corazon de Chileno won, shown in the above video, and for those who read the previous Fundi2 article, and who attended the competition would have been able to pick up that in the above winning video some of the students who answered questions about Corazon de Chileno, were wearing t-shirts representing other robotics teams (who are not members of team Corazon de Chileno, but team Polibot San Carlos and team Condor Force). This detail is important because it shows how Corazon de Chileno, after being and while being an active participating team in the robotics competition for 7 years, this past year they helped these 2 upcoming competing teams from Chile PLUS 1 local team (Team 4997, The Golden Machine).   It is fair to note that of these 3 teams Corazon de Chileno fostered, 2 of them won awards at this Regional.  Condor Force won the Rookie Inspiration Award and The Golden Machine won the Rookie All Star Award.

Another way they are actively transforming the culture of the awareness of science and technology within Chile and (unknown) to the judges,  is in a different way as well. . . . this way showed up in the December 2013 cover of Condorito (a Chilean origin, comic magazine).  This particular comic strip, titled “Roboti-Aventura“, was tailor made to fit Corazon de Chileno and one of  it’s mentors, Rodrigo Quevedo. It was an introductory strip, since Coné (Condorito’s nephew) takes interest in the robotic team (CDCH, which stands for Corazon de Chileno) and in the next feature strip, he will most likely have entered the robotic team. Placed here is the publication cover(in the case the reader would like to go look for it)  in which the feature strip (titled on the cover as “En esta edición “La cucaracha mecánica”, el Seba y sus amigos !”)  ran and also placed below are 3 highlighted sections that show Rodrigo Quevedo as “maestro de robotica,  Rodrigo ‘Te Veo’” and the mention of one of the trophies won by the team.  The awards won as listed on FIRST Robotics Competition for FRC Team 2576, Corazon de Chileno are: (2008) Rookie Inspiration Award, (2011) Judges’ Award, (2012) Team Spirit Award sponsored by Chrysler, (2013) Gracious Professionalism Award sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, and (2014) Regional Chairman’s Award. For the complete list of awards given by FRC, link here. And for a complete list of awards given at 2014 Los Angeles Regional-Aerial Assist, link here.

Condorito Cover


Highlight of "Roboti-Aventura" comic strip page 2
Highlight from Condorito comic strip titled  “Roboti-Aventura”
page 2
Highlight from "Roboti-Aventura" comic strip page 3
Highlight from Condorito comic strip titled “Roboti-Aventura”
page 3
Highlight from Condorito comic stip titled "Roboti-Aventura"  page 4
Highlight from Condorito comic strip titled “Roboti-Aventura”
page 4

Corazon de Chileno did release a complete public statement after winning the 2014 Chairman’s Award at the Los Angeles Regional. The complete press release can be linked here. Briefly below are words directly from Corazon de Chileno (in Spanish, and later in bold translated):

Desde 2008, nuestro equipo ha buscado llegar a lo más alto y representar a Chile en todo el mundo, difundiendo la ciencia y la tecnología de manera efectiva a través de la participación de la competencia  internacional de robótica escolar mas compleja del mundo, la FIRST Robotics Competition.

Este año, tenemos el agrado de informar que hemos clasificado al mundial de robótica FIRST a desarrollarse en Saint Louis, Missouri entre el 23  y 26 de abril, luego de obtener el Chairman’s Award 2014 en el regional de Los Angeles, California, el galardón más importante y prestigioso que  es entregado en esta competencia.

Es por esto que invitamos a todo aquel que desee embarcarse en nuestro sueño de representar a Chile por primera vez en el mundial de robótica a que se haga presente apoyándonos con el financiamiento del viaje y hospedaje de los estudiantes de nuestro equipo para cumplir la meta y sentir la experiencia de estar con los mejores del mundo en el ámbito de la robótica.

Si deseas apoyarnos de cualquier forma, puedes contactarte con nosotros.


Since 2008 , our team has sought to reach the top and represent Chile in the world , spreading science and technology effectively through our participation in the most competitive international youth robotics competition of all the world, FIRST Robotics Competition.

This year , we have the pleasure to report that we have classified for the Championship Finals of  FIRST Robotics Competition to be held in Saint Louis, Missouri between 23 and 26 April, 2014, after obtaining the highest accolade of the Los Angeles Regional,  the most important and prestigious Chairman’s Award 2014.

That is why we invite all who wish to embark with us on our dream to represent Chile for the first time in the Championship Finals of  FIRST Robotics Competition to show this support by helping us fund the travel and accommodation of students of our team in order to accomplish our goals and feel the experience of being with the best in the world in the field of robotics.

If you want to support us in any way, you can contact us

Donations can be made by linking to the following Corazon de Chileno website page where there is a Paypal button. This website “support us” page has the following information posted:

Para nuestro equipo es muy importanto contar con apoyo para poder cumplir nuestra meta y así representar a Chile en el Campeonato de Robotica mas exigente del Mundo.                                                                                                          
Si deseas apoyarnos, puedes contactarte con nosotros a través de:
  • Direccion: Del Inca 5730 – 604, Las Condes
  • Email:
  • Telefono:+56 2 415 44 67
Tambien puedes depositarnos a la cuenta de nuestra Corporación con los siguientes datos:
  • Rut: 65.064.624-k
  • Tipo de cuenta: Cuenta Corriente
  • Nombre: Corporación Corazón Tecnológico y Científico de Chile
  • Cta. Cte: 2897 0608
  • Mail:


Fundi2 would like to point out that for the Los Angeles Regional the team had since the first weeks of January to the week of March 17th to raise all the funds necessary for the team to travel to the regional competition. NOW that they have qualified for the Finals, (held April 23-26)  they’ve had LESS TIME to raise the same amount of funds. Even though the team members come from all ranges of household incomes (they average out, not as low income but as households where this expense is not immediately within reach), your support would be greatly appreciated by the many members for which all donations count, no matter the monetary denomination. Because food and lodging plus travel (remember 1 plane ticket round trip from Chile averages $900-1000) have to be covered for all the team members since they function as a team. Another important often not mentioned reasons for the entire team to be present during the competition is that all team members play different roles and at different time frames of the robot’s life. Their robot was directly shipped to the Finals and like all teams, they will not be able to “handle” it until the week of the competition. What this means is that, any and all types of calibrations of robot, any errors they needed to correct, adjust or change will have to occur then…. the more team members present the more chances of things going more smoothly.

Below is video footage of when the FRC Team 2576, Corazon de Chileno was awarded the Los Angeles Regional 2014 Chairman’s Award. Take note that the presenter is wearing a Chilean Heart t-shirt while the overhead announcer declares many of Corazon de Chileno’s achievements as a team. Two notable ones, not mentioned before, being that 90% of Corazon de Chileno’s participants go on to a 4-year university and 70% of them are student STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) majors. After the time of 4:17, the YouTube video begins to run the above entry and winning video of Corazon de Chileno:


This video below was Corazon de Chileno”s promotional 2014 video made BEFORE they came to the Los Angeles Regional. It is placed here as informational because it clearly denotes this year’s robotic challenge.


Fundi2 covered this event last year, publishing an article about the only Chilean team then, Corazon de Chileno that can be linked here. For those that do not click over, here are a few important highlights of the first article covering the FRC FIRST Robotics Competition:

In 2012, Corazon de Chileno lead mentor and founder y chileno, Jose Ignacio Fernandez Cofre received two honorable awards outside of Chile, and one of them independent of FIRST.

At the 2012 British Council and Microsoft Worldwide Education Leaders Briefing he was presented the 2012 award of Young Education Leader.

In relation to FIRST awards, Jose Ignacio Fernandez Cofre was the first South American, under 30, and who has not worked for NASA to win The Woodie Flowers Award. Quoting FIRST website: “Dr. Woodie Flowers is the Pappalardo Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering at the MIT and a Distinguished Partner at Olin College. Dr. Flowers participates in the design of the FIRST Robotics Competition game each year. He has served as a National Advisor to FIRST since the inception of the FIRST Robotics Competition.”

Fundi2 concludes this article with maps of teams from around the world by location who participate in this international robotics competition called FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). As can be seen from the map below (which is from the Los Angeles Regional Program, pages 10-11) worldwide, there are over 2,800 FRC teams. Remember of the 2,800 the grand majority of the teams are from United States.  Of these 2,800, the teams from Latin America are as follows:  (41 teams) Mexico, (2 teams) Dominican Republic, (2 teams) Colombia, (10 teams) Brazil and (3 teams) Chile. That is a total of 58 teams from Latin America of the total 2,800 teams.

Other notable list highlights from the map are the number of teams from Israel ( 52 teams!) as well as the number of teams from Europe (1 team Great Britain, 1 team Netherlands, 1 team Germany),  (3 teams) from Turkey and (1 team) from United Arab Emirates. Going all the way to the other side of the globe, the numbers lists as follows: (13 teams) China, (1 team Taiwan), (1 team Singapore) and (17 teams) from Australia. Once more a total of 91 teams worldwide of the total 2,800 teams that compete in the international robotics competition.

Maps of teams worldwide (pp 10-11) from FRC Los Angeles Regional Program sponsored by The Roddenberry Foundation (this is worth the click):

Map-FIRST copy

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