Old Cats (Gatos Viejos)

Old Cats (or Gatos Viejos) is a Chilean comedy that is going to be shown as part of Outfest 2011 Film Festival here in Los Angeles. Chilean theater legend Bélgica Castro makes a rare film appearance when she plays an old woman, Isadora, now living in the shadowland between lucidity and dementia. Castro is 90 herself, and she gives a tour-de-force performance as the frightened old woman.

Synopsis from the official movie website: Isadora (Bélgica Castro) and Enrique (Alejandro Sievking) live a comfortable life. They have a modest yet elegant apartment in Santiago’s old downtown district – complete with a lovely terrace and mountain views. Well into their 80’s, they both maintain their independence and live happily with their books, their eclectic art and most of all with their beloved two ample cats. That is until, one day, the building’s elevator breaks and unable to descend the ten flights down – Isadora is left a prisoner in her own home. At the same inconvenient time, Isadora’s passionate “wild child” daughter Rosario (Claudia Celedón) and her butch female lover, Hugo, (Catalina Saavedra) come for a visit with a new “scheme” of how to make them all rich. The one glitch is that the elderly couple must sign over the lease to their apartment. The tug of war between mother and daughter escalates when Isadora, beginning to show signs of onset senility, has a near dangerous adventure when she bravely journeys down ten flights and onto the crowded Santiago streets. Once rescued, mother and daughter and their respective spouses begin the slow process of forgiveness and begin to see a new future. Using many of the same actors as THE MAID, Sebastián Silva and co-director Pedro Peirano have made a touching film of black humor and pathos – reflecting the often treacherous territory of mother-daughter relationships and the empathy needed to find a survivable neutral ground.

This is the most recent collaboration from acclaimed co-directors Sebastián Silva and Pedro Peirano, whose previous film THE MAID wowed audiences worldwide and won numerous awards, including the 2009 Sundance Grand Jury Prize.

You can find more information on the film and also on purchasing tickets at the link Old Cats

Parking at the Directors Guild of America is free at the DGA Theater Complex (7920 Sunset) and the Sunset Lofts (7950 Sunset).

2 thoughts on “Old Cats (Gatos Viejos)

    1. I was able to see this film and I recommend it. It went originally thinking that it was a comedy – found out it was a drama. I was pleasantly surprised and right outside the movie the Film Festival had set-up a free vodka bar sponsored by Absolut vodka. It made for a memorable night.

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