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Katia Riquelme is a singer, songwriter, painter, film aficionada, an all around “traveling” artist from Chile, who is now living in Los Angeles, California. Born in Viña del Mar, Chile, Katia has evolved into a very well versed traveler whose album, “Living in a Car” paints the sounds of movement and in Spanish and English, a travelogue of car related verses.   The sound of the album, gives you a type of feeling of you being in control of the steering wheel.  How is that? In the way of the overall beat and grip, it makes you want to get into a car and drive.  The first track, “Living In A Car” and “Gokar” grip you into feeling that you want to be that maverick on the road, of movement. They have a hip, city sound of travel: of hitting those curves firmly, smoothly, no swerves and having your windows open as you travel forth.  Yet there are softer, more laid back songs (some of them have a soft “Blondie-esque” type of sound)  for those moments of driving without the edge – of those to highlight:   “Carrusel”, “Broken Vanity”, “Getting Late”, “Black Rose” and “1000 Kilometers”. The album’s most important point is of movement, for one to move on . . . as she says in track one, “You better keep on moving” -  Katia Riquelme.

Movement is key and clearly illustrated in this album’s development. For although, this album was recorded in Los Angeles, San Diego, Mexico City and Chile, Katia remains true to her traveling spirit, since the actual journey of this album began on the other side of the globe, in Sweden. The album is a mix of pop, rock, “traffic” sounds and lyrics of the internal journey as well. “Living In A Car” is a musical documentation of the artist’s travels and journeys far and wide.

Some behind the scene moves on the album include tracks in which ex-band members from Chilean 80’s bands such as Bandada, Aterrizaje Forzoso, play. Aside from selecting the electro sound of Sweden as a backdrop, Katia went as far as Mexico so that the drums  by Mauricio Claveria (ex Ley) would be recorded and included in this album.




“Gokar”, one of the gripping album songs, is the core of the album’s movement statement and the beginning of a new road to travel for the artist.  In the words of Katia:  “I wrote this song while driving in Santiago de Chile, listening to Oscar Iriani’s basic track that he gave me to work with.  Gokar refers to those small Go-Karts, whose arena represents life and how life sometime goes in circles”.  She goes on to define the  “Gokar” music video by Jane Hepburn as a “Docu-videoclip”. A “Docu-videoclip” is defined by Katia as being a video of her Spanish song, where she overlaps the song in English, with an explanation of the song’s evolution, background and history of the song’s lyrics and song.    This bilingual video, filmed in Pacific Palisades and the Anza desert here in southern California, documents the visual video process while it speaks to you of it’s inspiration – all the while the memory of a love, live on.

Fundi2 really digs this song ! It pops, it’s catchy and very very sexy. Gokar, Go Kar, GO CAR, go !  Before, Fundi2 had actually seen the “Docu-videoclip”, not knowing this melody had been a song of such a sentimental start and value to the artist,the feeling was felt. Yes, this is one of those songs that drives you on,as you drive on . . .

Katia later explained in her words the following:

“A su vez el Docu-videoclip es una experiencia muy personal ya que la asocie o fue un tributo a la muerte de mi madre que fue el 27 de febrero del 2010 – Es decir, el dia del terremoro en Chile, que fue el terremoto en mi corazon. De esto resulto “Gokar” y el porque del hacer un video asi.. . .”

At the same time this Docu-videoclip is a very personal experience because I associated or made it as a tribute to the death of my mother which was the 27th of February in 2010 – It’s clearer to say, the day of the earthquake in Chile, befell as well,  the earthquake in my heart. From this came forth,  “Gokar” and the reason for doing a video like this….



To listen and download the “Living In A Car” album, visit MUSIC section at Katia Riquelme’s website at:     www.katiariquelme.com/music.html


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