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Kali Mutsa – which means “Black Cat” in Romani – gave a mesmerizing performance last Sunday night, March 18th in a Santa Monica venue called Central.

There was an electrical charge on the stage – EACH of the performers – their mythical and real life names are Kali Mutsa – Celine Reymond, Sandoje Catiri – Cristobal Montes, Matcho Mayta – Juan Francisco Obando, and Saray Tikuna – Danka Villanueva gave the audience their fused high energy. In the mythological world of Kali Mutsa they are known as: the singer, Kali Mutsa, musical director/composer, Sandoje Catiri, clarinetist, Matcho Mayta and violinist, Saray Tikuna. First Kali Mutsa in all her glitterama getup of gold sequence tights, white open-cut heels, a white tulle veil, flowery head piece and geometric blazer was a vision of west meets east seduction. Her persona of a sly cat mesmerizes you into believing her purrs. For she sings in a tongue I do not understand, and yet I found myself emotionally touched – I believe by the high energy these four musicians fused together. There was an accordion player dressed in stripes (who, we later found out, is the group’s musical director), a clarinet playing dancer (who lives and breathes for Klezmer music) and the elusive barefooted masquerade bound violinist (who has a Croatian given name of Danka, only because her dad loved the sound of the name because she claimed she’s “mas chilena que los porotos”). Each of the members of Kali Mutsa being virtuosos on their own right.

Though the band Kali Mutsa have been together for about a year, their colorful mythological origins are very humorous and should be read and followed. Because it is this background that seeps into each of their songs.

This performance at Central was colorful, playful and touching (dare I say), leaving the viewer with a sense voyeurism. A voyeurism into this living stage of worldly sophisticated unpredictability. Yes, their music requires one to abandon traditional senses of music genres and explore with them this vivid new world that fills not only your audio and visual senses but your mental ones too. Their “intrega” was truly felt. There were moments that I felt a tear in my eye – because of the wonder filled magic they musically molded made me feel that they gave us a magic that night that involved an infusion of fantasy, gypsy, electronica, pop, Andean, Latino with Bollywood. Listen and allow your heart to explore this magical, musical landscape that travels the world and time.

Fundi2 sees Kali Mutsa as musical pioneer and would like to thank Kali Mutsa for opening windows into the great unknown.

San Cipriano

El Camello



Ton King Dom

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  1. The more I listen, the more I like….. Artistic Characters add to the experience…Love the bare footed chola – that plays the violin – Love Ton King Dom! Feels like I am taken away to a Renaissance circus. Her voice grows on you after a few songs… different but fun.

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