Inti-Illimani in Pasadena, CA.
April 21,
Concert, 8pm
Beckman Auditorium
Cal Tech Pasadena, CA.

Fee: $32, 27, 22;$10 Youth
Part of North American Tour: April 2012, Inti-Illimani Celebrates 45 Years of Music,
Culture, and Life

Originally created by the inspirational soul of the music of the altiplano, Inti Illimani’s musical trajectory transverses from instrumental works linked to the past,  to lyrical lyrics linked to the politico-cultural experience, back to the altiplano’s inspirational roots with a new sound that dances within your soul.

Inti Illimani is in the indigenous languages of quechua and aymara and means “sun of a high Andean mountain” near La Paz, Bolivia.  It is music that makes you fly. Inti illimani was born during a period of “high sun” – a time period when there was an intense sense of world – the mid 1960’s. A time of sensitivity to folk roots, in a nation that was highly politicize. what does this mean? A nation in which the everyday citizen felt empowered and entitled to the political experience. Aside from the logical right to vote, the political experience includes the sense of solidarity the pueblo, the masses amass. Inti-illamani played its music and a role in this setting. A setting, which globally was named “el moviemento de la nueva cancion”, the movement of the new song, a reclaiming of the indigenous instruments and music  in Latin America.  In Chile, it was specifically called “el movimiento de la nueva cancion chilena”. This was the beginning. During this initial period of the musical group, they composed music that was to represent ‘la unidad popular” – which eventually by the 1970 elections brought Salvador Allende to the Chilean presidency.

In 1973, Inti Ilimani was on tour during the coup d’etat in Chile and upon learning of the assassinations of fellow countrymen and musicians they went into a de facto exile.  Since they had been associated with the Allende government. In 1988, they would eventually return to Chile and re-establish ties with the homeland. Their period of renovation in the early 2000’s evolved into an eventual split within Inti Illimani.  There now exists two separate Inti-Ilimani entities, though they share the same genesis,  history and trajectory.  Though divided at the moment, to the public, they are the essence of one sun, that continues to shine forth. Since Inti illimani will to the public,  always be both groups we have included both here – Inti Illimani Nuevo and Inti Illimani Historico.

Inti Illimani forged a solidarity not only in a people but  in sound and in song. Music that began with the inspiration of the high plains, metamorphosing into world music.

A brief chronology of Inti Illimani’s trajectory:

1 Birth of Inti Illimani: 1967

2 Early Period: 1968-1973

3 Exile Period: 1973-1988

4 Return to Chile: 1988

5 Reintegration Period: 1989-2001

6 Renovation Period: 2001-2004

7 Inti-Illimani Nuevo and Inti-Illimani Histórico: from 2004 forward


CHRON: Early Period
TITLE: “Alturas” Inti-Illimani (video from Es Mi Tierra)
AUTHOR: Horacio Salinas
ALBUM: Viva Chile!, 1973


CHRON: Exile Period
TITLE: “Vuelvo” Inti Illimani
AUTHOR: Patricio Manns, Horacio Salinas
ALBUM: Canción Para Matar una Culebra, 1979


CHRON: Exile Period
TITLE: “El Mercado de Testaccio”  Inti Illimani   (video is from Yatoka: Documentales de Bolsillo)
AUTHOR: Horacio Salinas
ALBUM: Imaginación , 1984


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