Welcome to Fundi2, a “virtual capital” where cultures converge – identities, roots and future merge into a “Fundi2 ser”, a Fundi2 being. Many of us in the United States have roots elsewhere – either us immediately or our ancestors. This blog was created so that the Chilean and Chilean-American community that live in Southern California have a place to find out relevant information and discover new aspects of their heritage.

Some of you might already know that McDonald’s in Chile sells empanadas de queso. I find it appropriate for my first post since both items are both equally Chilean and American at the same time.

Together we are melted together.

5 thoughts on “¡Hola!

  1. The website is wonderful for Chileans, like myself – living so away from Chile (In Los Angeles) – yet still yearn for information on Chile and local events happening in my area. This works for me! Viva Chile!

    1. Rodrigo – it is great to hear from you. We will check out the link to Chileans in Los Angeles, however did you know that we are also on Facebook? https://www.facebook.com/Fundi2com and also on twitter @fundi2com. We will always try to keep you up to date on local Chilean events.

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