Gran Ramada – SB

On Saturday, Sept 17, The Chilean Independence Day Picnic (Fiestas Patrias) was held in Rancho Los Gavilanes in San Bernardino. It was a beautiful day in Southern California and many Chilenos showed up to partake in the festivities.

Food choices ranged from emapanadas, choripan, pastel de choclo, etc.

Some food booths also had Chilean treats like alfajores, mote con huesillos, etc.

The dance troop Grupo Lejos De Mi Tierra were one of the highlights of the day. The group had two performances at the fonda. The first round of dances were based on more traditional dances of the central region of Chile – which of course included the national dance of the cueca.

The second round of dances were a nice surprise as the dancers performed traditional dances from Rapa Nui in Polynesian dress.

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