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Google announced this week that they will be adding Google Street View to Chile in 2012. They have already brought the 5 Google street view cars and 1 tricycle to Chile to begin the task of taking pictures of all the streets in several areas. We know that 4 Chilean cities will be chosen to be mapped.

Santiago, Concepción, Valparaíso y Viña del Mar are the cities that were chosen. People soon we will be able to go to the streets of these cities and wander around as if they were there. This is also good news for local businesses where they can insert Google Maps to their website and have potential customers able to find the business quickly. This will also help out tremendously as mobile devices with Google Maps (iPhone, Android, etc.) will also be able to access this information and make finding a location much easier.

30 countries have already been mapped by Google. Mexico and Brazil were the only other Latin American countries to be already mapped by Google. Chile was chosen next by the internet powerhouse company, perhaps showing that Chile is now on the map according to the tech industry? Chile has made several strides in the tech industry and is a current hotspot for start-up companies.

Being able to see the streets of Chile in 360 degrees is a large tasks. How is this done, you may ask. Google has outfitted each one of their cars with a multiple camera system (15 cameras) and GPS to coordinate the pictures with the places. The car will drive every street at a normal pace constantly taking pictures. These pictures are then send back to Google headquarters where they are processed. Since the cameras do overlap the images that are taken are blended together to provide a smooth 360 degree image of the area. Google put together a little shot animation on how their system works and we have attached it here:

This infographic was made in Spanish to show the people of Chile the importance of having Google Street View in their country. Click on image to expand.

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