Fabian Ciraolo

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Fabian Ciraolo, Attention Art Lovers:

Chilean Artist, is having his first US art show this weekend. The Gauntlet Gallery in the city of San Francisco has picked up the Santiago-based illustrator. Fabian’s artwork has recently seen a boom due to the popularity of his iconic images seen on rock album covers and also spread thoroughout the web.

The show will go one until September 14,2013. Fabian will also be present at the show just in case you wanted to meet him. Here is a link to his personal website @ fabciraolo.com

Fabian Ciraolo is also the drummer to the Chilean band, Oh Margot. Oh Margot is a part of the new wave of electro-pop sound that is rippling through the Americas. We have linked the recent video for the song Beautiful Embracement so that you can also discover this great band from Chile.


Here is the excerpt from the Gauntlet Gallery:

Gauntlet Gallery is proud to present Chilean artist Fab Ciraolo’s first ever U.S. show

Fab Ciraolo’s iconic portraits highlight the conflict between extravagance and rebellion, while modernizing our perspective of historical figures like Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, and The Virgin Mary – changing our impressions of them forever. Painters, pop musicians and film stars, even revolutionaries and royalty are all placed on equal footing, offering us a post-modern brand of counter-culture.

Rendered in a highly saturated palette, awash in a supernatural bath of light and space, the subjects assume the elite status inherent in traditional figurative painting. Yet despite their whims of superiority and social significance, it is their underground, cutting edge style and blatantly defiant demeanor that define Fab’s subjects. Making subtle references to Vampire Weekend and The Black Keys, and adorning them in the freshest hipster gear, these prominent cultural heavyweights are given a new identity that is permanently tied to the underlying notion of rebellion, redefining and refreshing their cultural image.

The exhibition opens at Gauntlet Gallery on Saturday August 17th 2013, 6-10pm.

The artist will be present.


Gauntlet Gallery
1040 Larkin St. San Francisco 94109
Tuesday – Saturday, 1-7pm
www.gauntletgallery.com // 415.590.2303

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