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Corazon de Chileno (CDCH), is comprised of Chilean high school students from all over Chile. They participate in a robotics world tournament called FIRST Robotics Competition also known in short as FRC. FIRST Robotics Competition will hold its Los Angeles Regional competition in Long Beach, California this upcoming March 21, 22 and 23, 2013 at the Long Beach Arena, 300 East Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802. It is opened to the public and free but there is a parking fee.  FIRST Robotics Competition strongly recommends that attendees wear closed toe shoes (no sandals) so they can walk the floor where the teams are working on their robots. This will be the 6th time Chile participates.

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen, American inventor, most famous for his Segway PT and is a family of four programs:

  • Jr. FIRST Lego League (6-9 year old)
  • FIRST Lego League (9-14 year old inside US, 9-16 year old outside US)
  • FIRST Tech Challenge (High School Level)
  • FIRST Robotic Competition (High School Level)

A side note to a side note (to go with the ongoing theme of “chileno patiperro”) FIRST Southern California Regional Director – for the Los Angeles Region, David Enrique Berggren’s grandfather was born and raised in Chile.

Chile, FRC Team #2576 is one of the first Latin American teams to participate in FIRST. Chile began to participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition in 2008 with this one and only team. On the other hand, the only another South American country to participate is Brazil, with six teams of its own. Each year, FIRST Robotics Competition designs a challenge to which all teams must design their robots to complete the feat purposed.  Briefly here, is a list of FIRST Robotic Competition challenges that Corazon de Chileno has participated in and the names given to each year’s Chilean robot:
2008 Challenge: “Overdrive Challenge” – Name of Chilean Robot: El Chupacabras
2009 Challenge: “Lunacy” – Name of Chilean Robot: Wena Wena Perrito
2010 Challenge: “Breakaway” – Name of Chilean Robot: John Santos
2011 Challenge: “Locomotion” – Name of Chilean Robot: Sam Bow Dee
2012 Challenge: “Rebound Rumble” – Name of Chilean Robot: Confia
2013 Challenge: “Ultimate Ascent” – Name of Chilean Robot: not yet named

Immediately below is a video about what is FIRST: “. . . change where kids put their time and attention and you’ll change the outcome. . . this is a sporting event for the mind”- Dean Kamen

Last year in 2012,Corazon de Chileno lead mentor and founder y chileno, Jose Ignacio Fernandez Cofre received two honorable awards outside of Chile, and one of them independent of FIRST.

At the 2012 British Council and Microsoft Worldwide Education Leaders Briefing he was presented the 2012 award of Young Education Leader, Jose Ignacio Fernandez Cofre. In 2012 he was one of three winners to be awarded. In this short video clip he and Mexican winner, Vera Denise de Leon Ramirez are briefly interviewed. For a longer 15 minute version visit the Education Leaders Briefing website January 2013 page and click on the bold name of Jose Ignacio Fernandez Cofre

Anthony Salcito, Vice President of Worldwide Education at Microsoft, in his 365-Days Look At Global Heroes In Education  he asks Jose Ignacio Fernandez Cofre a series of questions in regards to education and technology. This webpage is a wonderful summary of an educator’s perspective, of which Fundi2 will highlight one answer of the ten interview questions. QUESTION by Salcito: “What advice would you give a new teacher (or to anyone wanting to make a difference in education)?” RESPONSE by Fernandez Cofre: “Be yourself. Being authentic is the best way to connect and learn with the students, and don’t be afraid if they learn faster than you because many of them will.”

In relation to FIRST awards, Jose Ignacio Fernandez Cofre was the first South American, under 30, and who has not worked for NASA to win The Woodie Flowers Award. Quoting FIRST website: “Dr. Woodie Flowers is the Pappalardo Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering at the MIT and a Distinguished Partner at Olin College. Dr. Flowers participates in the design of the FIRST Robotics Competition game each year. He has served as a National Advisor to FIRST since the inception of the FIRST Robotics Competition.”

Among the high accomplishments of FRC Team # 2576, Corazon de Chileno,  was making it to the quarter finals last year in 2012 with the Chilean robot, Confia during the 2012 “Rebound Rumble” Challenge at the Los Angeles Regional Competition. Link here to see their match results when they played in quarterfinal matches Qtr 3-1 & 2. The overall FIRST Robotic Competition award history of FRC Team #2576 so far lists the following three awards. In their 2008 inaugural entry year, at the Great Lakes Regional they were awarded the Rookie Inspiration Award. Then in 2011, at the Los Angeles Regional, they received the Judges’ Award. Last year, in 2012 they were awarded the Team Spirit Award. This year, the team is confident of winning the tournament, if not placing very high, since their robot completed the Frisbee task within its 6 week qualification period, what has to happen now, is that all conditions are replicated at the Los Angeles Regionals, that their robot performs on target and that their “pit stop” team is able to troubleshoot effectively. As one of the above videos quotes: “Teamwork is the fuel, that allows common people to attain uncommon results” Andrew Carnegie.

For this the ideal scenario is that all team members be present to input their valuable individual contribution(s). It is for this reason that this year’s team of 40 created an outreach page to help them gather the funds for the entire team to travel to this Regional Competition. They still presently, are in need of contributions. Leonel Lagos, mentor of Corazon de Chileno has set up a crowd funding page at the Latin American site of Ideame for such contributions. If you would like to participate in this fund drive, or are curious about the amount of funds collected up to the moment, please link here. If the project has been closed, please contact DIRECTLY, either Leonel Lagos at or Jose Ignacio Fernandez Cofre (Nacho) at

Below is an important video of FRC Team #2576, in reference to what all FRC teams have to do: A “HOME” project – that diffuses FIRST philosophy and mission – this is FRC Team #2576 Corazon de Chileno’s  work of 2011-2012

For more information about Corazon de Chileno, visit their website at:
or contact founder, Jose Ignacio Fernandez Cofre (Nacho) at:

BELOW THIS LINE is a lineup of a few additional videos of FRC Team #2576,
Corazon de Chileno’s past news reports and general history – placed here for the readers who would like to view more . . . .

Video summary of 2012 project

PAST reportage – Canal 13 from March of 2011

PAST reportage – CNN CHILE from March of 2010

Equipo Corazón de Chileno es entrevistado por Andrea Obaid y Alejandro Alaluf de la radio Cooperativa (93.3 FM), en el programa “TECNOCIENCIA”.

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