Condorito is Chilean comic strip character that is very famous not only in Chile but in all Latin America.

Condorito was created by Pepo (René Ríos Boettiger lived December 15,  1911 –  July 13, 2000) as a response to a Walt Disney film, Saludos Amigos. In the Disney film Chile was represented as Pedro, a small airplane which was about to embarked on his very first flight. Pedro has to cross the Andes to pick up mail from Argentina. Pepo believed that Chile was not properly represented in the film and therefore Condorito was born.

Condorito lives in the fictional rural town of Pelotillehue. He has a group of friends that all have a huge amount of fans. Some of the more famous characters are Yayita, Don Chuma, Pepe Cortisona, Garganta de Lata, Ungenio Gonzalez, Huevoduro, Coné, etc.

Condorito comic strip is built on a format of individual jokes, pretty much one joke to a page. The comedy is heavy on gender roles and double-entendres. A majority of the jokes end with the person receiving the brunt of the joke with his/her feet in the air, a flipping free fall and the “¡Plop!”.  The term “¡Plop!” has also made it to Chilean social pop culture as an expression when one is the victim of a joke.

You can go to his website here.

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