Chile Travelogue via Finland


Joonas Virtanen, according to his Vimeo page, is a “Finland-based new media enthusiast, entrepreneur, music junkie, proud nerd and a hopeless wanderer with his head up in the clouds.” Joonas paid Chile a visit and decided to document his travels. He made a 4 part series of his journey. Joonas travels to the snow, sands and turf of our country and makes us all fall back in love with the images he beautifully presents.

Part 1: A trip to the Andes around Santiago, Nevados de Chillan and Valle Nevado

Part 2: A hike just above Santiago to Cerro Minillas

Part 3: A trek up to the Atacama Desert where we see parts of Valle de la Muerte, Valle de la Luna, Laguna Cejar, Laguna Chaxa and San Pedro de Atacama.

Part 4: This is a collection of memories obtained around Santiago.

Joonas was happy to share his wonderful videos with us at Fundi2 and we would like to thank him.

You can visit Joonas at his

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