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El Club de Huasos Chile-USA of San Bernardino, California is holding a fundraiser called Casino Night this upcoming Saturday night. Fundi2 loves the cause so much that below is a three part video of a television segment which highlighted the foundation of interest and it’s altruistic heroine. Fundi2 does not focus so much on any particular religion as on the inherent altruism found in the following story.

Originally, the video footage is from the Universidad Catolica channel 13’s program called “Huellas de un immigrante “ (actually of an immigrant not to the USA but to Chile). The underlying theme of this program, the immigrant, hits a nerve with Fundi2. Because an immigrant is the carrier for the merging in the Spanish word, “fundido”. Huellas de un immigrante translates to imprints, impressions, traces, tracks of an immigrant.

Back to the living heroine. She is a nun who has dedicated 67 years of her life to serving the poorest of the poor with love. Following the format of the Huellas’ program: Name: Domnina Irene Garcia de Prado, Nationality: Spain, Profession: Nurse, Current Occupation: Superior General of the Congregation del Buen Samaritano. El Hogar el Buen Samaritano, in Molina – Region del Maule is the name of the home she founded 30 years ago which cares for the elderly poor who are sick, abandoned and/or homeless. This segment was broadcasted in 2009 and since then El Club de Huasos Chile-USA has visited and discovered that though they are equipped to serve 300, they actually serve double the number. Reason for the fundraiser and now this post.

Madre Irene, “sees what others do not see and does what others, do not do for others” in the words of Bishop of Talca, Horacio Valenzuela. He also compared her to Padre Hurtado, in that they pass through the roads of life with other eyes from the mainstream. In Padre Hurtado’s case, when he pass by the bridges of Mapoche and saw the children, she did the same with the abandoned elderly in Talca and Molina.

Madre Irene remembers having a good childhood in her small village and even though lived during times of food scarcity, her family always gave to the very poor. In Spain, she was one of 14 children growing up during the Spain’s civil war in a household where their mother died at the young age of 46. She recalls her father as a very pious man.

At the early age of 4, she recited her first poem to the Virgin and by the age of 9 she declared her vocation. It was when she was 11, that she found herself being a “good Samaritan” to an injured stranger. She traces this as her original calling to her occupation as a nurse. At 15, she entered the convent, taking her vows by the age of 19.

Dedicated to the Church and finding a career as a nurse she assisted in surgery for 14 years the renown Spaniard, Dr. Eusebio Garcia Alonso, first surgeon to operate on gastric cancer patients in Europe. He has a street named in his honor in Bilbao, Spain. Eventually, when she was in her early 50’s, it was Madre Irene’s need to help the very sick, very poor and very old that lead her to Chile. To become an Hermana del Buen Samaritano.

She is truly a living altruistic heroine – because she lives to help the needy and does it with love and devotion.   El Hogar del Buen Samaritano began with the meager amount of ten dollars and runs on donations.  A great cause, and charity to give to.

Canal 13 – reportage from 2009

Huella de un immigrante – 1

Huella de un immigrante – 2

Huella de un immigrante – 3


Please see below directly from the Club de Huasos Chile-USA:

Abril 21 – Noche de Casino (5:00pm-10:00pm) Oficina en Ontario:
tendremos juegos de Casino , bar y mas (solo mayores de edad)

Estimados amigos,

Queremos compartir con ustedes, nuestros calendario de actividades para el presente año. Por favor separen estas fechas y ayúdennos a cumplir las metas programas. Gracias a todo el apoyo recibido, el año pasado logramos, en dos oportunidades, enviar dinero a Chile y además, ayudar a algunos compatriotas, que se vieron en necesidad.
Este año tenemos dos grandes proyectos, entre otros, ayudar a las hermanas del Buen Samaritano de Molina y también, participar en nuestra Teletón, porque aunque no estemos en Chile, somos chilenos.
Desde ya, gracias por su tiempo, apoyo y presencia; sin ustedes, nada de esto sería posible.
Les esperamos en nuestro próximo evento, el 21 de Abril en Ontario “Casino Night”.


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  1. Luz corazon, infinitas gracias, hicistes una hermosa descripcion de nuestra obra de ayudar a esta maravillosa Institucion…Mil gracias..Recibe un abrazo..Ma.Antonieta.

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