Astro is a new electro-synth-pop music band coming out of Chile. Astro consists of 4 members: Andrés Nusser, Octavio, Lego and Zeta Moustache. The way that the band started is pretty interesting. Andrés had apparently won a free skip trip to a resort in Chile with the stipulation of playing live music at the resort. He gathered some of his friends (which they all had attended the same art school in Santiago) and recorded several tracks. The music they produced was an immediate hit and sent ripples through South America. The demand for their music was so great that they recorded an EP Le Disc de Astrou which quickly sold out and created well deserved buzz for this band. Astro quickly began working on their second album, which is simply titled Astro. The second album was released late 2011 and has been received with open arms. The buzz stretched all the way to the US where it caught the interest of several music sites. Be prepared to be seeing more from this Chilean band and they are rumored to have a fantastic live show.

Their sound has been compared to MGMT and Empire of the Sun. Please take a look at a video of a live performance for the song: Maestro Distorsion from the album РLe Disc de Astrou. Andr̩s has high-pitched falsetto voice which is often confused with a the wrong gender.

Astro recently confirmed that they will be playing at this year’s SXSW Music festival in Austin,TX. We already let you know about the other Chilean artist, Kali Mutsa, playing the 2012 SXSW Festival.

Below we have embedded Astro’s SoundCloud page where you can listen to several tracks from the new album. Ciervos, Colombo, and Panda are crowd favorites. You can also visit their site at:

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    1. It also appears that they also added another show at Maggie Mae’s on Thursday March 15 but the time was not specified.

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