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This is Astro, a Chilean indie psychedelic electronic band – for lightheaded enjoyment, that does not involve social issues or prejudices, and sometimes – not even clothes, just a variety of derrieres. Fundi2 covered their big 2012 breakout hit, “Ciervos”  back in March of 2012. Link here to read our write up and lyrics of Ciervos’ song and video of connection and communication with the gods and the animals via sounds, vocalization, words and imagery. “A-E-O”….a video of harmonious nature and sounds at play.

Astro is Andrés Nusser (vocals & guitar), Nicolás Arancibia (bass & keyboard), Daniel Varas (keyboard & percussion) and Octavio Cavieres (drums) formed in 2008. and up to date have played the South by South West in Austin, Texas, the prestigious Mexican festival “Vive Latino”, the Argentinean “Hot Festival”, Lollapalooza Chile and the consolidated Colombian festival “Rock al Parque”.

“DALE Coco, DALE Coco”….is it a coconut, or is it a reference to Francoquito “Coco” Peralta?  From the  psych-folk Argentine band, Animales Superforros, who participated in their “Ciervos” video production.  Whichever way, the groove is synthesizing “coco-licious-ness” (a made up word in honor of Astro – to explain when something catches you in its groove & you go for it because it gives “from dale” you what fresh coconut water gives you: a natural electrolyte, a natural sound high).

At this moment, ticket and locale information is listed at SONGKICK, listing their remaining US tour dates as:

Tuesday, July 30th  – San Jose, CA at Blackbird Tavern First St. San Jose

Wednesday, July 31st – San Francisco, CA at Rickshaw Stop 155 Fell Street 94102 San Francisco

Thursday, August 1stLos Angeles, CA at Los Globos 3040 W. Sunset Blvd. 90026 Los Angeles

Friday, August 2ndSan Diego, CA at Till Two Club 4746 El Cajon Blvd 92115 San Diego,

Sunday, August 4th -  Chicago IL at Lollapalooza at Grant Park 1100 S Michigan Ave 60605 Chicago


Heinana, Heinana (or is it Hey Enana, Hey Enana ? or Hey nana, Hey nana ?) these lyrics are catchy – whimsical and nonsensical fun filled with sounds and nature…. Here is “Colombo”, first unplugged, a bare el papapá and later in full video regalia !

“Colombo” has been well covered in an article found at NPR: All Things Considered by Jasmine Garsd dating back to October 11, 2012:

“In the new video for “Colombo,” Astro’s infectious joy is on display, as is its well-documented love of Chile’s stunning natural landscapes: The video was shot in the breathtaking Chilean Andes. It feels like a throwback to films like Jim Henson’s Labyrinth and Dark Crystal, and the way Astro’s members describe it could come straight out of a Henson film screenplay. Here’s lead singer Andres Nusser, via email:

The video is the story of a sacred object made of quartz, which we call ‘Colombo.’ This object has been stolen by the creatures of the night and must be recovered by the creatures, who are commandeered telepathically by Cosmo. Once they recover ‘Colombo,’ the creatures of the light make a procession and place it in the altar it belongs.

The film was directed by Carlos Rincones, who has worked with Robert Rodríguez, Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth.”

And the full bloom music video production . . .


Lastly, for the big bang ending…..this last song, “Panda” was mentioned in an article covering the Latin Alternative Music Conference in New York this past July 2013 by website, Latin Trends The article, cites this song as pivotal to the band’s musical standing when it “earned the act recognition from the track being in a Bloomingdale’s ad”.  (On a side note, also at this year’s Latin Alternative Music Conference, was fellow Chilean singer, Alex Anwandter.)  “Panda” is also honored in the game world as track 3 of 50 on the official soundtrack of EA(Electronic Arts) FIFA Soccer 13, a video game that was launched in September of 2012.

As a warning, Astro’s official video was removed from Youtube and found on the alternative, Vimeo. There’s not much harm in the footage – or should it be,  booty-age? Except when the tempo begins to gyrate…then it becomes uncensored or should it be, nonsensical derrieres in motion? Some may even say SEXxX-y (oh la la) we end up in the world of sounds,  nature and vibrations.

Any way -  this video seems very apropos to its author’s intention because of the video’s undercurrent theme of making bare risque moves that can leave you bare.  He told LA WEEKLY that he wrote it as a cheer up, “let’s not break up” type of a song to his friend whom he affectionately calls “Panda” and her boyfriend. The song came to Nusser when he had to live through a night of hearing the lover’s spat  (Panda and her boyfriend’s).  After she had found her boyfriend “caught with his pants down” (pun intended because it was all the opposite – since he was discovered at a pub, not naked with another woman  . . leading to this “Panda” song.)

A call of the wild in derriere bliss – which on other planes, has skipped over to the video gaming world and the world of department store advertisement.

Full Astro 2013 Tour Dates Poster by Remezcla:




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