Welcome to Fundi2. This blog was created with the aim to educate and promote everything that is Chilean in English.

Our articles are in English, in an attempt to introduce our country to a public – who otherwise would not have access to information presented about Chile – since most of our source materials are in Spanish. Readers can read in English and view videos that are either in English or Spanish and if in Spanish they are almost always given a translation.

The Chilean diaspora, has resulted in many types of Chileans. Our cultural magazine, Fundi2 was founded from the point of view of immigrants to an English speaking country – in our case, the USA. The name Fundi2 is symbolic of what occurs when two or more elements are melted (se funden, en español, para formar uno) to form one – specifically, what happen when a person is transplanted into another country (culture, environment, ect) and (y se mezclan/funden dos o más culturas en esa persona) and so 2 or more cultures mix/forge/melt in that person, until those immigrants become “Fundidos” (Fundi2).

A Chilean-American born in the wonderful city Los Angeles, CA. He graduated from UCSB with a degree in Biology which lead him to work for a major American brewery for many years. His career moved him to live in the Midwest for roughly 6 years and now is back to Southern California. Tapia loves to travel around the world and be immersed in different cultures. He started the blog because he found there was a serious lack of information regarding being Chilean in the United States.

Born in Chile in the 1960’s and transplanted in the 1970’s to the United States at a very young age. A documentarian
with a Political Science degree from California State University Northridge, who also has pursued Multimedia Studies at Los Angeles Mission College. A writer, photographer and visual artist who loves work that includes some type of internal thread or story due to her great interest in storytelling, the written world and visual arts. All of her work is done with an attempt to leave a personal stamp for a better tomorrow and cultural heritage for the upcoming generations.

If you have a question, feel free to contact us here.

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