Latino Showcase at 2014 NBFF

Showing more than 300 films in 8 days with one evening dedicated to the Latino Showcase, the Newport Beach Film Festival (NBFF) has as it’s theme this year, “15 Years Under The Influence”.  As it has annually done, on this 15th anniversary mark the festival will be spotlighting three Latino films. This year’s spotlights are  Chile, Mexico and Brazil. The 2014 NBFF runs from April 24 thru May 1st.

2014 NBFF Chilean Spotlight:

The Summer of Flying Fish by Marcela Said, Chilean documentary film maker,  is her first fictional film. Movie synopsis by Jirafa (a Chilean film company that produces, distributes and exports movies from Valdivia, Chile) says: “Manena is a very determined teenager, and the darling daughter of Pancho, a rich Chilean landowner who devotes his vacations to a single obsession: the extermination of carp fish that invade his lake. As he resorts to ever more extreme methods over the course of the summer, Manena experiences her first deception in love and discovers a world that silently co-exists alongside her own: that of the Mapuche Indian workers who claim access to these lands… and who stand up to her father.” Film runs 95 minutes.

This film was produced by Jirafa & Cinema Defacto.  Which brings us to the following quote from an interview of Marcela Said by Sidney Levine in “Chile in Toronto, part 2:  “Also notable is the production company behind the film, Jirafa which was founded in 2001 by one of Chile’s great minds of cinema, Bruno Betatti, whose book, Why Not, about the political policy for the film industry in Chile articulates today’s international film business issues of distribution and exhibition not just in Chile but throughout the world as it explores solutions to the problems most indie filmmakers face today. Betatti also is the Director of the Valdivia Film Festival.”

The Summer of Flying Fish won it’s first award at the 2013 Havana Film Festival , the Grand Coral Award – Third Prize and has been nominated twice. First for the 2013 São Paulo International Film Festival – International Jury Award and this year at the 2014 Palm Springs International Film Festival – Cine Latino Award.

2014 NBFF Mexican Spotlight:

The Amazing Catfish synopsis listed by Pyramide Films: ” Claudia, a lonely young woman, works in a supermarket. One night, she ends up in the hospital with a severe case of appendicitis. There, she meets Martha, the woman resting in the bed next to hers. Martha, who lives alone with her four children, gains Claudia’s trust. When she gets out of the hospital, she spontaneously offers Claudia to go home with them. Getting to know this family makes Claudia feel at ease. And for the first time she experiences a sense of belonging in this peculiar little tribe. As Martha’s health weakens every day the bond Claudia has with each member of the family grows stronger.” Film runs 89 minutes.

List of awards won by The Amazing Catfish listed by Pyramide Films: (1) Toronto Film Festival 2013 – Discovery – Winner of the International Critics’ Prize (FIPRESCI PRIZE), (2) Locarno Film Festival 2013 – Official Selection – Winner of the Young Jury Prize for Best Film,  (3)Biarritz Film Festival – Best Performance Award for all actresses, (4) Gijon Film Festival – Special Prize of the Jury, (5) Mar del Plata Film Festival– Best Latin American Feature Film, (6) Cuenca Film Festival – Best film and Best actress (Lisa Owen), (7) Baja Film Festival – Best Mexican Film.

2014 NBFF Brazilian Spotlight:

Review by The Hollywood Reporter directly quoted : “A sentimental journey becomes a mysterious mission impossible in this superior suspense drama, a fusion of Brazilian and European ingredients from the French-born writer-director Bernard Attal. . . Brazilian pin-up and lanky Tom Cruise lookalike Vladimir Brichta stars as Beto, a hedonistic party organizer in the picturesque northern beach city of Salvador whose self-absorbed life is suddenly thrown into turmoil by a tragic car crash. In the depths of his grief, Beto’s emotionally fragile mother  reveals the parlous state of the family finances, dispatching him on a mission into Brazil’s Deep South to try and buy back a collection of valuable prints sold to a wealthy cocoa plantation owner some 40 years before by the art-dealer father he never knew. But Beto is forced to turn amateur detective after the now-blind rancher’s wife and daughter  prove fiercely hostile to his advances, chasing him off their land with guns. Nuanced and novelistic in texture, The Invisible Collection plays with the tensions between urban and rural, north and south, young and old, rich and poor. Though peppered with cultural and financial insights into contemporary Brazilian society, the plot is actually based on a short story first published in 1927 by the Austrian-Jewish author Stefan Zweig. Coincidentally, Zweig would later emigrate to Brazil during his extended flight from Nazi persecution. He lived in the Rio suburbs from 1940 to 1942, when he and his wife committed suicide, driven to despair by events back in Europe.” Film runs 89 minutes.

Quoting as listed by website – Casa Stefan Zweig, The Invisible Collection: ” received four awards at the Gramado Film Festival. It was acclaimed as the best film by the Popular Jury and got the “Kikito” award for best supporting actress (Clarisse Abujamra) and best supporting actor (Walmor Chagas, the grat Brazilian actor who deceased last January). The Gramado Film Festival is the most important Brazilian film festival held annually in the city of Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul (south of Brazil) since 1973. ”

Latino Showcase will be held on Wednesday April 30 at
Edwards Big Newport Theater
300 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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From the screening schedule, it looks like you will have to select one to see at a price of $18 for the movie screening. Spotlight Screening Schedule begins at 6:30 PM with pre-film entertainment.

7:30 pm Mexico: The Amazing Catfish by Claudia Sainte-Luce
to buy tickets for this film, click here

7:45 pm Brazil: The Invisible Collection by Bernard Attal
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8:00 pm Chile: The Summer Of Flying Fish by Marcela Said
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There will be a Post Party Gala event after the Spotlight Screening which is to begin at 10 PM. For those interested in only the party and not see a film,  the entrance price is $30, but if you decide on both (film + party), the total cost is $40. Gala event is for ages 21+ and over  Dress code : Cocktail attire strongly encouraged/outdoor event – coat or jacket recommended

Post Party Address:
Via Lido Plaza
3417 Via Lido
Newport Beach, CA 92663

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Gala hosted by HOY and OC Weekly, featuring live entertainment by TropicaleizaCapoeira Batuque,  Ballet Folklorico de Mexico by CSUF, plus 3 DJ’s.  Also, there will be  hors d’oeuvres prepared by award-winning restaurants. Hosted bar by Stella Artois and Tito’s Vodka.

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