2015 Calendario DICOEX

This is the cover of the 2015 calendar by Dirección para la Comunidad de Chilenos en el Exterior (DICOEX) in colaboration with National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI). While supplies lasts, it  is available for free at your local Chilean consulate and currently will be given away at the Saturday event listed below.
All the following section has been translated to English and is directly quoted from this 2015 DICOEX- INAPI calendar:
Chile now has a variety of products associated with a specific location of our country and products that stand out as being the result of traditions and unique in its class.Today that hard work can be seen compensated by obtaining the Seal of Origin, which protects products, delivering benefits for the country and its producers, through four classifications:
Geographical Indications (GI): characteristics and product quality are attributed to the place of origin.
Appellations of Origin (DO): the place of origin and human intervention in product development is recognized.
Collective Brands: highlights the forms of production attributable to a producer group.
Certification Markings: when a product or service obtained some certification.
DICOEX, with the collaboration of the National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI), has prepared this calendar on products which have received or are applying for the label of origin, in order to recognize the hard work of our Chilean producers who preserve the traditions of every corner of the country and the daily work better than ours.
Seal of Origin Program
In our country there are various agri-food and handicraft products with a special reputation for his qualities or specific characteristics, what makes them worthy of recognition by the State, through the Seal of Origin program.
Thanks to the Seal of Origin, cultural identity is favored, contributing to the development of regions and preserving its traditions, care producer protection guarantee a high standard of quality and traceability; the doors are opened abroad, giving the country the best image of our own, a greater economic value to the product is obtained, recognizing the cultural wealth of their origin, and tourism are active, creating new routes invite you to experience the production process for each product.
Chile is a country full of cultural richness and this Seal supports the best of what is ours.”
For more  information:  www.sellodeorigen.cl
Here at this website, one can read in Spanish about the different registered products and those which are in process. The website has the same map as the one on the right below and in order to get to know more about typical Chilean products, click on the map area you want to go, or use the arrows to move from one area to another.
Chile es un pais lleno de riqueza cultural y este Sello de Origen apoya lo mejor de lo nuestro.
Mas informacion: www.sellodeorigen.cl
Aquí en este sitio web, se puede leer en español sobre los diferentes productos registrados y los que están en proceso. El sitio web tiene el mismo mapa como el de la derecha arriba y para conocer productos típicos de Chile que cuentan con Sello de Origen o se encuentran en proceso, pinche sobre la zona del mapa que desea recorrer, o utilice las flechas para cambiar de una zona a otra.
Todo la sección siguiente es citado directamente desde el calendario 2015 DICOEX- INAPI:
Chile cuenta hoy con una gran variedad de productos asociados a un lugar especifico de nuestro pais y que destacan por ser fruto de tradiciones y unicos en su clase. Hoy ese esfuerzo y trabajo se pueden ver retribuidos mediante la obtencion del Sello de Origen, el cual protege a los productos entregando beneficios para el pais y sus productores, a traves de cuatro clasificaciones:
Geographical Indications (GI): characteristics and product quality are attributed to the place of origin.
Denominaciones de Origen (D.O.): se reconoce el lugar de origen y la intervención humana en la elaboración del producto.
Marcas Colectivas: destacan las formas de producción atribuible a una agrupación de productores.
Marcas de Certificación: cuando un producto o servicio ha obtenido alguna certificación.
Dicoex, con la colaboracion del Instituto Nacional de Propiedad Industrial (INAPI), ha preparado este calendario sobre productos que han obtenido o estan postulando al Sello de Origen, a fin de reconocer el esfuerzo y trabajo de nuestros productores chilenos, quienes conservan las tradiciones de cada rincon del pais y que diariamente trabajan lo mejor de lo nuestro.
Programa Sello de Origen
En nuestro pais existen diversos productos agroalimentarios y artesanales con una reputacion especial, por sus cualidades o caracteristicas especificas, qu los hace merecedores del reconocimiento del Estado, gracias al programa Sello de Origen.
Gracias al Sello, la identidad cultural se ve favorecida, aportando al desarollo de las regiones y conservando sus tradiciones, la proteccion  el cuidado del productor garantizan un alto estandar de calidad y trazabilidad; se abren las puertas al extranjero, aportando a la imagen pais lo mejor de lo nuestro, se obtiene un mayor valor economico para el producto, reconociendo la riqueza cultural de su origen, y el turismo se activa, generando nuevas rutas que invitan a conocer el proceso de produccion de cada producto.”
At the 14th annual SOKA University International Festival there will be one stand/display of Chilean information. At this display, will be brochures and calendars related to Chile – given away for free. The event shows a variety of dances from around the world, of which Chile will show her cueca.  The event is free and all information is listed on the below flyer.
Fundi2, also would like to take a moment to make a clear distinction that this SOKA University 14th Annual International Festival event is exclusively and only organized by the group, SOKA University International Festival. .The International Festival is a proud partner of Orange County Imagination Celebration.   There are not any additional groups or entities affiliated or involved in this particular international event of May 2nd, 2015. They are not connected with DICOEX calendar and/or any of DICOEX’s governmental affiliates or affiliations.

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