This legend comes from the Polynesian island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) off the coast of Central Chile. Uoke was a ancient mythical giant who went around the Pacific destroying islands by using a large powerful crowbar-like lever. Uoke used his lever to pry off islands and toss them into the sea like one would pry-off a mussels from a rock. Although this lever had the power to sink island into the sea, it also could raise land out of the ocean.

According to legend, Rapa Nui was originally a much larger land, however Uoke decided to attack the land with his lever. He started prying off pieces of the earth and threw them into the sea, destroying much of the land until he reached the hard jagged edge of the northern coasts. The rocky coast of the area proved too much for Uoke’s lever and it shattered, the remaining land became the island of Rapa Nui.

Uoke is also known to the Rapa Nui as a god of destruction. His lifting and sinking of the land might be a native explanation for the natural disasters that the Rapa Nui might have seen to their land like tidal waves, volcanos, typhoons, etc.

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