Camaron que

Idiom: “Camaron que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente”
Translation: “The shrimp that falls asleep is carried away by the current”
Meaning: if you get distracted (or fall asleep), you will be left behind. It is best translated to the saying “you snooze you lose.”

The origin of this saying can be traced back to a short story , Un alma en pena. The short story was written in 1862 by Puerto Rican author Alejandro Tapia y Rivera and read: camaron dormido me arrastre la corriente. The idiom is known in both Spain and Latin America however it is more widely used in Latin America.

We would like to thanks Marcelo Escobar for this image that I am using for this post. Please visit Marcelo’s blog ” Tinta Chilena” for more of his art.

  • Maria Carolina

    Like the Early Bird get the worm…..well kinda…I love the cartoon! Reminds me of a character from Alice in Wonderland…….wwwwhhhhhooooo rrrrrrr uuuuuuuu?

  • Muy bueno. Me gusta mucho el modo en que se expone. Un abrazo!

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